Mocking Jay

By : Suzanne Collins

388 Pgs

"People of Panem, we fight, we dare, we end our hunger for justice!" - Katniss Everdeen

Brief summary

Katnis Everdeen has escaped the Quarter Quill (the second hunger games) along with a few other victors. She is sent to District 13 to become the figurehead of the rebellion. Once she gets there her mother, Prim, and Gale are there to greet her. They break some bad news to her. After they do so all she can think about is protecting her family and to kill President Snow.

All together I thought the over all theme was that if you really want something and you are willing to work for it you could achieve it.

The over all theme relates to me in many ways. Since I was old enough to remember I have always wanted to become a professional hockey player and play on an NHL team. I still haven’t gotten there yet, but I want it so badly so I’ve worked really hard to get really good in every area that needs improvement so that one day I will achieve my dream. Just like the districts in the book. They work really hard on getting their soldiers ready for battle so that when it comes they will be ready for battle.