Room 107 News December 2nd

P.E. Celebration of Learning this Wednesday from 10-11:30AM

From the Elementary PE Teachers:

Dear Parents,

Our ES Physical Education Celebration of Learning (COL) is coming soon. This is a day in which students participate in a variety of activities showcasing their skills for you to see.

On their COL day, students need to wear PE shorts, athletic shoes, AND any t-shirt that represents their class color. Please also make sure that your child brings a water bottle to school that day. (HAGEN CLASS COLOR IS WHITE)

We ask that parents do not participate in activities. Please come out to support your child’s learning in PE by watching your child in action.

ES PE Team

The Schedule is below:

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What Have We Been Learning?


We have begun a new unit of study: How To Books. The class has brainstormed things we know how to do and are putting our thoughts into books. We have learned about helping words and bossy words and where to include these in our writing.


We are still working on our problem solving strategies. We are focusing on subtraction strategies. Ask your child which ones they can use. Please see the chart below:


We are shifting our focus to nonfiction reading skills. We have completed two segments of this unit of study so far: What do nonfiction readers do before reading? AND What do nonfiction readers do during reading? You child should be bringing home nonfiction texts at their independent level that they can practice these skills using.

Also: Our class has experienced amazing growth as readers. All students have recently switched the level of their take home books. Please email Mr. Hagen if these books seems too easy or too difficult. Remember that simply being able to say the words does not indicate that a child comprehends what they have read. Refer to the resources below to have rick discussions with your child about their nonfiction reading.


Our recent field trip to Koh Kret provided a rich and meaningful connection to our study of pebbles, sand, and silt in science. Thank you to Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Balaz for taking so many great photos of our day. Take a moment to enjoy these below.

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