by: Alexsis, Diana, and Marbella

Come visit us at Mexican Made!!

We are the proud owners of Mexican Made, we serve the best mexican food in town! Our dishes include tortas, tacos, and gorditas. We are currently located in Houston and plan to expand to San Antonio and Dallas soon. Remember, say no to drugs, say yes to tacos!!


Our business was established in 2005. We serve homemade authentic Mexican food that any Mexican mother would approve of. :) Over the years we have been stationed in the Houston area and have gained many loyal costumers, which we appreciate dearly. We now feel that the next step for us is to expand our business, in a few months we'll be stationed in Dallas, and San Antonio too. :)
Sydney's Mexican food truck
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Polvorones de Canela

Cost: $2.50 a dozen

A polvoron (from polvo, the Spanish word for powder or dust) is a type of heavy, soft, and very crumbly type of shortbread.

A successful bussiness

Thanks to our excellent hospitality skills our business is a success. We provide the best service to our costumers and ensure a welcoming environment for everyone. Our costumers are our #1 priority!