Sonntag Strong

Moving Forward...

Collaborative Learning Possibilities (extra 8:00-8:40 every other week)

  • Backwards Planning of any essential
  • Creating Common Formative Assessment (CFA)
  • Analyzing data from a CFA
  • Planning Intervention and Enrichment groups based on data
  • Analyzing future CBAs to ensure common understanding and expectations
  • Analyzing student data to address individual student needs
  • Learning about a specific topic planned by Shannon, Laura, and Cindy (Instructional Lead will be notified)



  • ESTAR is the new screener for 2nd-4th that we will administered in the winter (no fall administration).
  • TEMI, math screener, administered only to kinder this fall (if needed, administer to specific 1st graders for SST purposes).

Carrie Dellinger will be here on September 24 for Learning Walks on Exemplars with me. The purpose of these walks is to see what our next steps are with Exemplars. Some video might be taken. :)


Guided Reading and Strategy Groups

Check it out!


Don't forget to sign up for iStation this week!

Growth Mindset

I wasn't going to put this in because it's 11 minutes and your time is precious, but I think in order to truly own the growth mindset for ourselves and to teach it to our students, we have to keep learning about it. :)


Instead of saying, "Great Job!" or "You're so smart!", try praising the process. How about, "You tried all kinds of strategies until you got it right!"

What does it sound like when you praise the process?

Gifted and Talented

Here are 2 short video clips about a creative thinking process called SCAMPER that all students can use. The first video explains SCAMPER and the second video uses SCAMPER in the writing process.