Community Based Yoga Classes in the Bad Axe Area

What's New this Week

March 1, 2016

"In like a Lion, out like a Lamb." As we look forward to spring months, we are often reminded that "Mother Nature" is not something we can control and that she likes to take charge of our ambitions and schedules at whim. Sometimes our yoga practice can feel the same! Each day our bodies remind us that we need to get up, move, and stretch...however, many days we do not feel like cooperating. We weather many storms in our lives, some daily. The idea of dedicating time to ourselves and our overall well being through those storms can feel daunting. But this is when our yoga practice can serve us best. So let's promise to give ourselves permission to ride out "unexpected storms." Let's find strength in the realization that it is okay to be strong one day and weak the next. Let's accept the "weather" of our daily rituals and realize that "tomorrow" is just that....another day for sunny skies, climbing that mountain, or plainly, just climbing out of bed and embracing the day!

If you haven't been to our "home studio" at the First United Methodist Church, we encourage you to try a class there. We are excited about the current renovations taking place. The painting was completed this weekend and looks fabulous. The new flooring will be installed this coming weekend. We are truly fortunate to have such a beautiful, peaceful place to gather for yoga classes. Any church members or yoga practitioners who have free time this weekend and would like to volunteer labor to help install the floor are very welcome. Please contact us for details if you would like to be involved.

Moving into spring, our schedule will remain the same; however, we are pleased to announce that we will be adding two new sessions on Thursdays! Starting on March 10, Beginner Yoga will be offered at 5:30 and Yoga for Runners (and other athletic people who need a deep stretch) will be offered at 7:00.

A grand thank you to all that continue to make Pure Yoga a success!

See you on the mat!


Lisa and Stephanie

Pose of The Week

Lion's Pose

"In like a lion..."

Focus: Stress Relief

Benefits: Helps with soreness from teeth grinding or jaw clenching; releases stress and anger; relaxes muscles in face and throat... We think it's hard to take this one too seriously. It feels good, and you just have to smile when you finish.


1. Sit with legs tucked under you, crossing one ankle over the other or spread your knees for comfort. Keep your spine straight and splay your fingertips over your knees.

2. Inhale deeply through the nose.

3. Open your mouth wide and exhale through the mouth, forcefully. Make a "ha" sound (your roar) as you stick your tongue out and open your eyes wide.

4. Repeat this 4 or 5 times.

We promise we didn't make this one up. You can google it :)