Nuremberg Trials

Hermann Goering

Most Influential Person Next to Hitler

Hermann Goering was the Air Force chief and director of the "Four Year Plan". He was also in charge of the Aryanization of Jewish property which is a policy for Jews throughout Europe going by the Anschluss. Goering always gathered other Nazi officials to try and blame the Jews for Kristallnacht. Kristallnacht ends up being the time when Nazi's start what is known as the Holocaust.
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Hermann Goering's Death

Goering was sentenced to death and the day before he was scheduled to be hung he took a cyanide pill that someone snuck into his jail cell. Later was found a suicide letter saying that a man of his high position had no right of being hung. I believe his consequence fitted very well for what he did. I think all Nazis should be sentenced to death because it is a horrible thing that they killed a lot of Jewish people. There should be no excuses for killing another human being. Although I don't agree with putting them in concentration camps because how would that make us Americans any better.
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