Poetry project

Christian Dunn 9-8

I wish

I Wish

I wish i had longer days

I wish i had a disk that teaches me German

I wish i had supplies i need for school

I wish i had a German brand computer

I wish i had a ASUS monitor

I wish i had free WiFi

I wish i had a new bike

I wish i had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

The Snowfall night

"My friend, may you want to go

outside, and walk in the night."

"Out in the white night, where

it's cold and dark."

"No, No, we will be fine, i just

need to talk."

"Come on enjoy the chill

of shrill wind and snow."

As she walks out to me,

it's a pure white night

the streets covered like a


The snowfall night,

The snowfall night,

how chill and the sound,

the shrill of the wind.

Free verse (The Rain)

The dark, cloudy, rainy days,

rain slowly fills the drains,

the dark fills the arcs of buildings

that looms over the shadows.

The cloudy sky is like a

thick blanket that has been

woven by god himself,

the clouds do give a warm,

but cold feeling when the

rain comes and drowns

the shadows.

The shrill as the warmth of

the sun.

The sun peers and peaks

it's way through the clouds

like a kid on Christmas morning.

Here in the shadows the darkness

slowly disappears.

Bright souls feel, crept there

way to see the light.

Trapped like animals in


The bright soul try to escape,

but the clouds close once again.

Someone resews the blankets,

and the bright souls get lost in

the shadows as it starts to rain.