All About Me

by : Ashlin Highfill

Family & Friends

I have one brother, one half sister, one soon-to-be step sister & brother. My brother Josh, is 17, he, will be 18 in May. My half sister Julianne is 7 ( we have the same dad ) she will be 8 in December. My step sister Rachel is like 18 and my step brother Zach is like 16 (Zach likes to eat all the food when he's over) . I have a few friends but I only have 1 best friend, her name is Makaila and every other weekend i'm usually hanging out with her.


I dislike school if you want me to be honest. My grades are average, I might have a bad grade in one or two classes. My favorite subject in school is probably E.L.A or math because its really easy right now, usually i have bad grades in math but lately iv'e been having good grades. My least favorite class is Spanish because it's hard, i speak English, not Spanish and I don't really remember anything i learn in that class.


My hobbies are cheer leading and staying in bed and watching Supernatural on Netflix. But I like to do a lot of stuff... when its warm outside. Right now I am thinking about trying out for Indianettes in high school because its something new and ive always wanted to dance. Plus it seems fun.