Syrian Civil war

By makenzie nelson

How it all started

The uprising started last year when Syrian President Bashar al-Assad launched a violent crackdown on activists demanding more economic prosperity, political freedom and civil liberties. This sparked nationwide uprisings. In March 2011 violence broke out when a group of teenagers where arrested for writing political graffiti. When protestors where protesting the release of the teenage students the regime open fired killing four people, then shot at mourners the next day killing another person. Within days the unrest spiraled out of control of local athorities. Starting the Syrian civil war.
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What conflict already presents itself between the U.S and Russia?

The Rebels Demands

The rebels wan the 48-year-old-emergency law to be demolished, the immediate end to extrajudicial killings, and for the government to transition to a democratic, free and puralistic society.

Bashar al-Assad has offered

al-Assad revoked th emergency law on April 21, 2011 but syrian forces continued to open fire on demonstrations and detain protestors and imprison political leaders without arrest warrents. The president declined any responsibility for the killings reporting that they are nothing but falsehoods. The opposition has dismissed both the constitution and the elections for a new society.
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Overall affect

All in all to the point each country involved in the syrian civil either has something to loose or gain from the outcome of this conflict. To start off if the rebels win Syria will become a democratic, puralistic society just like the current U.S president. Also Turkey Iraq and egypt are neighboring countries and all have financial interests in Syria if the conflict quickly gets resolved then all will be safe. Also Russia has been Bashar al-Assads ally for a long time and if the rebels win Russia will no longer have any hold in that country. The U.s will.

Why does Barack Obama support the rebels?

About how many people have already died in Syria since the uprising began?

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