Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.


This JUST in:

You earned distinctions in:

Academic Achievement in Math

Top 25% Closing Performance Gaps

Postsecondary Readiness

THAT IS THREE distinctions friends!! Congratulations!!

(Reminder, last year we received two, the Top 25% and Postsecondary Readiness)

I am SO proud of each and every one of you! It truly takes a village, and man, I sure am glad our #wearewhitt village is ours!

Data Conversations

During your conference time on Monday, if we could snag 10 minutes of your time, we'd like to go through class lists. Student by student, just getting your initial impressions to help prepare for our first round of data discussions and RTI plan. Please sign up here, and again, it will be just 10 minutes.

MAP/MPG/DRA and all that it includes..

Hearing great progress on wrapping all of these up within the window. Great job! We see you getting creative and making it happen! From some co-teachers to parent support, we appreciate you.

Small groups are coming along, and we're seeing some great instruction already. Mr. Wade makes it look easy and Mrs. Steven's room is like a well oiled machine. Great job!

Team Leaders, please submit your marked up data cards to AT by Monday afternoon. I'd like to have a draft ready for you by PLC next week.

Planned your planning?

Just a reminder, #joeishermer has been working with our learning specialists to tighten up and enrich our elementary learning curriculum. Please make sure as you are building your lesson plans you working from the current IFD. Things have moved, things have switched weeks/months. To ensure that we are where we ned to be, please utilize the IFD to plan.

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Please be diligent in your duties at recess.

  • Can you see all your students?
  • Are you watching your strong personalities?
  • Have you revisited your expectations?
  • If there is a situation, when that sweet momma asks where YOU were, what will you say?

Bradshaw's Blurb...

Hispanic Heritage Month is Sept. 15th- Oct. 15th

In the next few weeks look for opportunities to highlight significant Hispanic Americans and cultural influences in your instruction! Also, keep a look out for hallway displays that may prompt discussions related to influential Hispanic Americans!



  • Display our wonderful wolf work on bulletin boards.
  • Any questions abut dismissal? We appreciate your patience, as we tighten it up each day. It is already getting better!

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Happy birthday to YOU!


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30 Amber T.