Pool Accident

A Personal Narrative By: Alexis Neeley

I was at a birthday party. Me, Jace,Clayton, and Alyssia were skating at ten o'clock on a Friday

night in 2014 and we got home, ate dinner, played in her room. Then we all decided to go

outside. I was running around the pool, and Jace wanted to have fun, so he threw me and

Alyssia in the pool, and then he took his shirt off, then ran inside, and can back out with swim

shorts on, and then jumped in the pool. About 20 minutes later, we got out and ran around

the pool and Jace splashed me. It all went down hill from right that second. I closed my eyes, I

felt myself fall,and next thing you know, i'm on the ground. I got up and hopped to the

bench, knowing, that i was hurt. Alyssia stood there, talking, but I couldn't hear her. It

seemed that everything was tragic. I picked my hurt foot up, and crossed it over my other

leg. When I picked my foot up, I saw my foot gushing blood, I looked at my hand, In

Shock, my hand was bleeding too. Clayton got Christa, Christa told Jace to pick me up and

take me inside. Christa got a big bowl of warm water to stop the bleeding, I stuck my foot

in the bowl of warm water for a couple of minutes. Then she took my foot out of the water, she

wiped and patted my foot to get all the extra water off, then she got a foot bandage and

wrapped my foot up. then she got me some crutches because I could not walk on my foot.

She also decided to wrap my hand in a bandage just in case, So after that we went back to

playing and laughing like usual

After that Jace asked me out........

I said.... No