Monday, March 16, 2015

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On Tuesday let's wear jeans with our GREEN!!!

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Staffing Updates

Bittersweet......our Debbie Freeman has accepted a Reading Recovery position at Mountain Park ES. We are so happy for her as this position is exactly what she wants. Sad she is leaving but, will always be family to us!!!!

Jenie Kang will return to 2nd grade.

Karen Cross, a teacher at Hopkins ES, will join our family. Her actual grade level is TBD.

April Scheivelhud, a teacher at Beaver Ridge ES, will also join our family. Grade level TBD.

Dr. Melissa Underwood, Media Specialist at Chesney ES, will join our team as our new Media Specialist.

Mr. J.W. Mozley, Assistant Principal @ Duluth Middle School, will join our Administrative Team as our 3rd Assistant Principal.

2015 K-12 Writing Rubric Drafts

A group of K-12 teachers worked to develop genre specific, grade-level instructional rubrics to serve as a frame of reference for the writing progression represented in the AKS. Comprehensive K-12 instructional rubrics should assist teachers in designing instruction for the scaffolding of AKS writing objectives as well as assist teachers in building the necessary skills for students as they progress as writers. The rubrics created will allow for consistency in both expectations for instructional and grade-level needs.

Please note that these rubrics were not designed as a grading tool; instead, they are a tool to aid in instructional planning, incremental skill development, and the development of formative assessments. At this time, we ask that you and your colleagues review the DRAFT rubric/s that have been placed on the LOCC. In order to locate the DRAFTS, you will need to click on the 2015 Writing Rubrics DRAFT tab located under the announcements on the LOCC. After you review the rubrics for each genre in your grade level, then we ask that you complete the survey by following this link ->

The goal of this survey is to gain teacher feedback to ensure the instructional rubrics are a useful tool in the continued efforts to guide students as they improve their writing proficiency. Please complete the survey before it closes on Monday, March 23. Your input will be shared with the writing rubric committee for final revisions.

Upcoming Literacy Professional Learning Opportunity Reminders

Elementary 4 Core

Monday, March 23 @ Grayson High School

Tuesday, March 24 @ Peachtree Ridge High School

Author Kylene Beers ( is coming to Gwinnett County Public Schools this month to share strategies for working with struggling readers. The co-author of Notice and Note: Strategies in Close Reading will be speaking to elementary school teachers and administrators as a guest presenter at 4 Core on Monday, March 23 at Grayson High School. Participants may hear Beers speak at Session 1 from 4:30-5:30 PM OR at Session 2 from 5:45-6:45 PM. Please note that Beers will be one of two sessions that night. Participants will also be able to attend sessions hosted by the Offices of Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Please register in the PD&E tool using the following section information: 4:30-5:30 PM, PD&E section # 18865 5:45-6:45 PM, PD&E section #18868

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Spring has sprung on the playground!

There are several issues that need your attention as it relates to the playground.

First, there should be NO food/drink taken out on the playground. This will certainly keep our campus litter free and bug free. Spring is coming and so are the bugs if we invite them.

Second, this is the time of year when students go outside with a coat or jacket and get too hot so they take it off. When your class lines up, PLEASE take a minute to have everyone look around for extra clothing. Better yet, have them place their clothing in a certain area so that you can all pick up the clothes are your way in.

Most importantly.......This is the time of the year that accidents happen on the playground. Students are excited it is finally warming up and they forget about being cautious on equipment. It is IMPERATIVE that you are CONSTANTLY looking around supervising your students. Your DILIGENCE will help keep students from being hurt. ALSO, students should not be far away from you (ie. on trail way out there close to the houses). You need to set boundaries of where students play so that you or another teacher are in eye sight and close proximity at ALL TIMES.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Spring Beautification Day...

is set for Saturday, March 21 9:00AM - 12:00PM (noon). Please encourage your students & families to come out and help us clean up the campus.

Our big project is to rebuild the benches that are out in the outdoor classroom. We need adults who are handy with building and tools. Please help us recruit.

Students who attend will receive extra credit in Science.

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