Owl Pride

Volume 1 Issue 12 December 7th, 2020

Choose to be GREAT Focus of the Week- Growing

Talk to your child about what you think it means to grow! By growing we are usually talking about getting "smarter", but there is actual growth going on as we get smarter!

We are all born with at least 100 billion brain cells, called neurons. As you listen to, talk about, or practice something, fibers called dendrites grow out of your neurons. Learning is built, as your network of dendrites grow higher and higher, with new dendrites sprouting from existing dendrites. In other words, you’re building new knowledge upon the things you already know (like a tree sprouting twigs from existing branches). So really when we are talking about growing academically, we really are talking about growing the dendrites in your brain! Think of it like a tree growing!

This week in sports

The 7th Boys team came up short versus Stanton, losing by 7 points. The 8th-grade boys "A" and "B" teams both pulled off victories against Stanton. On the girls side, the 7th grade "A" team won 21-8 and the "B" team won 8-4. The 8th Grade girls played two very close, hard-fought games, but came up on the losing end. The games for next Monday have been canceled with Compass. MS boys "A" teams will play Friday at home against Eldorado at 5:00pm

Coming Up...

Basketball Schedule

  • December 7th- Basketball Canceled

  • December 11th- Boys "A" team vs Eldorado @ 5:00pm

  • December 13th- Band Concert @ 3:00pm. Immediate family only. Location TBA

  • December 14th- Basketball vs Crane Girls are Home, Boys are away

  • December16th-18th- Semester Exam Schedule. Click to View

  • December 16th- Early Release 2:40

  • December 17th- Early Release 2:40

  • December 18th- Early Release 12:15

Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Principal's Page

Starting this week, I am going to share what is called the ABC's of Student Success. These will be great tips to help your child be successful in school. Every week we will cover a different letter. This week we will start with A-Attendance.

Attendance is a critical factor in any child's school success. Children should attend school every day, except in cases of illness or emergency. It is impossible to replace the learning that happens on any school day with make-up work. Regular attendance and promptness are good habits that are expected and appreciated at all levels of schooling and in the workplace. This year, make school a priority in your household. Commit to excellence in attendance. Your child's future depends on it!

Check back next week to find out the B of student success!

Counselor's Corner

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As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child's education.

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