John Locke Vs. Thomas Jefferson


"All mankind being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions.

John Locke

I feel that this means everyone should be equal independently when it came to rights just like everyone else. And in a government perspective would be that everyone would have the same protection regardless of what you are.

The treatises of the civil government and the Declaration of Independence are also similar because the both support rebellion against corrupt government and the concept of common law.

Also it was basically all for freedom which everyone wanted including government.

Both documents say that everyone should be equal regardless of where they came from.


The pursuit of happiness in the use of private property.

And the freedom of individuality.

Both I feel we're a big part of the government disagreeing against private property.

Also,individual freedom because they government had to allow that when they were against it.


I feel the two similarities that are used today would probably be equality and freedom because everyone should have the privileges to do the same things everyone should be able to individually.

And freedom everyone should be free to do what they would like in the sense of managing their life their own way without being told they can't.