hardware and software

Is there a difference?

this should help...

This is to help you figure out what hardware and software is, you will also find out about input and output. All of these things link and help us in the world of technology. The word Hardware suggests it's hard (you can feel it) and Software (soft but you can't touch it).

what are these things?

the simple answer

Hardware is completely different to Software ; Hardware is a physical thing that you can touch (a computer, a DVD, a USB stick) these are all Hardware and they all contain Software. Hardware is something 3D and has a texture. Software is programs, things you cant touch and thing in your screens. You will never find a piece of software you can tough they are always visible or audio. Many are computer programs.

input and output?

input and output are linked, you cant have output if you don't have input. Input is when you put information onto a device and keep it in there. Output is where you get information, sound and storage out of a device.