Lineville Technology

By: Nathan Emerson

Typing Web

1. Typing Web is a program to help us improve out typing.

2. We use it because typing is a very important skill.

3. Every Technology class period we are expected to type for 5 minutes.


1. iTrailer is a program that lets you show presentations of any kind.

2. We used it to create a trailer about our selves.

3. It is a simple program and easy to use.

Career Locker

1. Career Locker is a website designed for you to figure out what kind of job you want.

2. We searched occupations and played games for help us figure out what job we wanted.
3. We are going to keep using Career Locker in middle school so we have a good idea about what job we want when we grow up.

Haiku Deck

1. Haiku Deck is a program to let you make a slideshow presentation for anything you want.

2. We used Haiku Deck to make a presentation about our dream jobs.

3. Haiku Deck is an easy app to use and navigate.

Explain Everything

1. Explain Everything is another app you can use to create presentation for anything you want.

2. We used Explain Everything to create a presentation about a math equation the we solved.

3. Explain Everything is easy to use.

Hour of Code

1. Hour of Code is a program that helps you learn about computer programming.

2. Hour of Code was a short unit to let us learn how to program computers.

3. Once you get the hang of it, hour of code is easy to use.

Email Etiquette

1. In the beginning of Technology class we learned proper email etiquette.

2. Email Etiquette is learning to write a proper email.

3. This is a short and simple unit.