Canvas Updates

Updates/Changes December 2015

New User Interface

Click here to see a video about the New User Interface.

In January, Canvas will have a new look!

The functionality will be the same, but a few buttons will change places. The overall look of the web version will look similar to the iPad App. Click on red banner above to watch a video about the new interface.
If you have new courses, you need this!

Follow the directions listed below~

Step-by-Step Guide for New Courses

Here are directions for setting up your new courses. The links will take you to videos or handouts to further explain each step:

  1. CROSSLIST or COMBINE periods for the SAME Course. The chart below with period equivalents will help you correctly rename your class periods.
  2. COPY CONTENT from other courses into your new ones.
  3. Review the NAVIGATION BUTTONS your students will have access to while in your course.
  4. SETUP COURSE...don't forget to choose a Front Page!
  5. Decide when to publish your course!

Canvas Grades to PowerSchool

PLEASE NOTE! This feature is still in BETA (which is why we have been waiting to implement here at NEMS) and there are some glitches when using this process. Most of the issues on the Tech Support Site involve grade weighting categories and grades not posting at all--even after being sent using the correct process. IF YOU DECIDE TO USE THIS, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE SPOT CHECKING YOUR GRADES IN POWERSCHOOL. Thanks!

Follow these directions/steps to start sending grades from Canvas to PowerSchool:

  1. Set Up Grade Pass Back
  2. Set Up an Assignment to send to Power School
  3. Publish Grades to PowerSchool
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

FYI--Abbey Bennett has been successfully using this process and is willing to help answer any questions you may have about Grade Pass Back. Please know that Abbey does not use any kind of grade weighting in her courses.

You can now view by Quarters!!!

This feature must be done in each COURSE, but it will definitely help! To turn on this feature,

  • Go to Settings,
  • Find the "Feature Options" tab across the top,
  • Turn on "Multiple Grading Periods,"
  • You will then see a dropdown in your Canvas Gradebook.

Adding/Deleting Students and Other Staff

Adding students and other staff--You can add others to your course by going to the "People" Navigation button and enter the email address of the other person(s). (

Deleting students--In order to delete students from your course, you need to fill out a help ticket and our technicians will remove them.

Deleting others--select the person's name and then click on the arrow at the far right side of the row. Choose "Remove from Course." See image below!

Big image

Observer Role for Parents

This link below contains information for parents to enroll as observers in Canvas

Shelley Coover

Instructional Coach

Noblesville East Middle School