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Finest Facebook Practices - Things You Should NOT Do With Your Facebook Cover Image


1. Use too much text.

Your buy facebook photo likes is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. This doesn't suggest you must make use of as much text as you like. You have to make sure your text is organized and purposefully made use of. Your ideas have to be easy and clear. You should keep your users' focus on one thing at a time: don't try to promote your new item, an e-book download and a website subscription simultaneously. You can change your cover image if you want to alter the concept you want to highlight.
2. Do too much sales.

A couple of months back, Facebook guidelines mentioned that a business Page's cover photography should not consist of any form of call to action. Because this rule has been eliminated from their standards, companies have had the opportunity to try out advertising their products, free gifts and contests through their covers.

You need to not change your it into a digital signboard by overcrowding it. Instead, you need to try to think of creative ways to advertise your products.

3. Forget Facebook cover pictures guidelines.

Covers can not be deceptive, deceptive, or borrow on anybody else's copyright. You could not motivate individuals to publish your cover to their individual timelines. ".

4. Display contact details.

Your contact details, such as your website URL, e-mail or mailing address or any info that ought to remain in your Page's "About" section, ought to not be displayed on your cover photo.

5. Include references to Facebook functions or actions.

"Like" or "Share" or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features must not be consisted of on your Cover Photos. Exact same chooses call-to-action such as, "Get it now" or "Inform your close friends".

6. Forget that a photos worth a thousand words.

A few months ago Facebook removed their "20 % text rule" for Page cover images. This rule caused a large amount of aggravation amongst business Page owners. However now, it appears that the rule has disappeared (see the brand-new guidelines above). Exactly what does this means for your business? Go wild? No, not truly. You need to bear in mind that Facebook users react more to images than they do to text: A strong image will constantly bring even more focus to your brand name!

You can alter your cover photo if you desire to alter the concept you desire to highlight.

"All covers are public. Covers can't be misleading, misleading, or borrow on anybody else's copyright. You might not motivate people to upload your cover to their individual timelines. ".

A few months ago Facebook eliminated their "20 % text policy" for Page cover photos.