We Need A Hero

How do we save our world from terrorism?

To help in our fight against terrorism we need a strong leader. One to give us direction and strategy in our battles.

The man that could help us do this would have to be:

-strong willed

-man in a position of power



-knows battle strategy

-takes charge



A Motto they lived by would be "united we stand decided we fall"

Values to a person like this would be faithful to protecting his country and making sure he always wins.

They should not show to many emotions he shouldn't give anything away to the enemy.

They should encourage and be able to motivate them. They need to be a leader and able to gain followers and support him.

They should be willing to do anything to be to win and beat terrorism. bend over backwards to get his way and end terrorism.

A man of this status should have good posture and carry himself well. He should be a distinguished man that looks educated wearing a uniform full of accomplishments to prove he's done his fair share too.

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