From Peanut to Peanut butter

By: Gavin Firch -3RS


Do you know what in peanut butter? you don't know? well you will find out if you read on. did you know that millions of kids eat peanut butter every day? or peanut butter was invented 100 years ago. we celebrated peanut butter 100th birthday in 1990. Keep reading to find out how peanut butter is made.


Peanuts are planted after the last frost in april. A seed grows in the ground. Peanuts are harvested 120-160 days after planted. When the peanuts are ready to be harvested a tractor harvest the peanuts. A truck collets the peanuts and it is sent to the buying station.

The Buying Station

At the buying station they inspect the peanuts, they are graded 1,2,3 1 is the Best. Then it go to the shelling plant where it is cleaned. Now the peanuts go to the shelling machine. In side are baskets that do things. Then beams make sure the peanuts are healthy. Next the peanuts are put in a bag and sew shut. Now a truck takes the peanuts to the peanut butter factory.

The Peanut Butter Factory

The workers at the factory make sure the peanuts are 100% clean. First the peanut go threw heat and cooling station. Next it goes in a room where it get grounded up also vegetables,oil,salt get in it. It mixes the ingredients. Then it gets sucked up in the mill witch grinds up the roasted peanuts. now it is peanut butter then it is smoothed. After that clean jars on conveyor belt go under fillers,they fill the jars with peanut butter. Finally the jars go to the caping area where jars get lids on them. it gets pack in boxes and get set to the store.


The trucks unpack the peanut butter from the boxes. The peanut butter is put on shelves Every day people buy peanut butter.


Did you like this? If you did (if you like peanut butter) what would you do with out it. No peanut butter on your sandwich or dipping food in it. well i like peanut butter all right