Crucial Copyright Criteria:

Aly Taylor and Hailey Giannotti

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What is copyright and fair use?

Copyright is a legal device that enables the source of art, literature, or information/ideas, the right to control how their work is used. Fair use was created to make using someone else's work allowed in limited or a reworded manner.

Creative Commons License:

This is a public copyright license that enables the free distribution of "copyrighted" work. This is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, and build upon something that they have created.
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Public Domain:

The state of being available to the public as a whole, this is not subject to copyright.

Digital Citizenship:

This is the expectation that people will use technology and electronic activity correctly. This would include not using the internet for copyright purposes.

How to Avoid Copyright:

When using information that is not your own, you must include an attribution to the source. This is sometimes legally required, but safe to always do. This means you should mention credits for the information you got that isn't your own.

How Do You Know:

Watermarks: Text over the image to protect the picture

Copyright Symbol: This would be located on the image

Citation: If the source you use has listed another source