Joseph Louis Lagrange

William Westcott

Date and Place of Birth and Death

He was Born on January 25th 1736.

He Died on April 10th 1813 at age 77.

He was born in Turin, Piedmont- Sardinia France


Major Contributions to Physics

One of the makers of Analytic Mechanics, Celestial Mechanics and Mathematical analysis.


Joseph Louis Lagrange proved multiple equations like Pells equation.

He also developed the General theory of Binary Quadratic forms. He left many papers after he died on problems in Astronomy. He also helped create the way we solve things to this day. He helped prove many equations and left many papers and volumes on physics, science in general and Mathematics which have all helped build the general foundation of what we call Physics.

Degree/Degrees Earned

He graduated from the Royal Academy of Science in 1757 in Turin.