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May 1, 2020

Principal's Message

I had to change the background to reflect "May Flowers". I can't believe it is already May. It seems like forever ago that we were in school with the students. There are a lot of important dates and announcements that will be happening over the next month. This is another really long newsletter, but it has a lot of important information. Please don't hesitate to ask us questions if you need anything.



The Weeks Ahead

Timeline of Events:

May 4 to 5- Planning Days

May 6- Teacher placement survey sent out. (This is short. It will help us with placement.)

May 6-7- Parents drop off 1-2 packets and library books, and pick up round 3.

May 11- Placement survey due.

May 12- Teachers may pick up rounds 1-2.(Kindergarten - 9:00-9:20, First - 9:20-9:40, Second - 9:40-10:00, Third - 10:00-10:20, Fourth - 10:20-10:40, Fifth 10:40-11:00, SS 11:00-11:20.)

May 22- Students belongings packed up and pink/blue sheets due. Purple folders due. (GT, please give belongings to homeroom bag. Bags are in the front office.)

May 25- Holiday

May 29- Parents drop off round 3 and pick up belongings.

June 1- Pick up round 3 packets

June 2- Grades must be entered. (Please email Debbie Bogan when they are finalized.)

June 1-4 Remediation Days

June 3- 5th grade recognition (details to come)

June 4- Report Cards will be available.

June 5- Work Day

School News

General Information

  • Pink and Blues- Please fill these out and place in the box on my table in my office. For F & P levels, please label with the last known level, do not estimate. F and P levels do not need to be entered into Enrich since the last window was after eLearning.
  • Placement Survey- Aaryn will share a google sheet on May 6. It will be due May 11.
  • Parent Pick up of Belongings-We are going to label cafeteria tables with your name. You will place your bags on those tables. They will be by grade levels. Please write the child's name big and in marker on the bags. We are going to pass them out by grade level and will send a sign up later so you can help and wave to your kiddos.
  • Staff of Excellence- Click to find out the winners this month.


    1. Screens/whiteboards

    2. Top of your desk - completely clear and put items inside your desk

    3. Take all of your small personal items HOME, please! We cannot be responsible for broken or missing cameras, photos, CD players, etc.

    4. Student desks should be cleared and cleaned

    5. All window completely cleared.

    6. Student work and posters, etc. from the halls.

    7. Gather all items that you have "stored" in other places and put them in your room.


    1. Unless it is your personal item, furniture belongs to the ROOM, not to the teacher. Please follow this rule so that we can inventory furniture during the summer.

    2. Label your desk with your name and personal furniture with your name in an inconspicuous place with tape.

    3. Be mindful of overloading book cases, etc. The cleaners have to be able to move them.

    4. Boxes should be placed up off the floor for the carpet cleaners.

    5. All furniture should be moved to one side of the carpet. Leave teacher desk in place.

    6. Cover bookshelves with butcher paper so your books are not covered with dust.


    1. Box and label your items. The District will have movers to help. All items should be placed in one area of your room that is easy to find.

    2. Be completed before you leave on June 5.


Classroom Materials to Move to New Schools and Leave at Existing Schools

Items to Take

Personal Items

Instructional Items purchased with your own money.

Instructional items purchased with your annual teacher supply funds.

Instructional materials obtained through FFMS teacher grants. (except for items written by a group or grade level)

Instructional materials obtained through grants such as Donors Choose, Family Trust, etc.

*All personal materials and personally purchased materials need to be moved or thrown away by the teacher. Do not leave person materials “in case” the new teacher or future teacher may want it.

* 10% incentive funds raised through Boosterthon (unless items purchased by grade level)

Items that Stay

Instructional items purchased by the school

Instructional items purchased by the school’s PTA/PTO

All classroom furniture purchased through district, school, and PTA/PTO funds

Instructional materials obtained through FFMS teacher grants written by a group or grade level.

Textbooks (moves will be coordinated with assistant principals)

F&P kits

Lucy Calkins kits

Science kits

GT Materials

Reading Recovery Materials

Leveled Books

Library Books

Books purchased through school professional development programs.

Math manipulatives purchased through district, school, and PTA/PTO funds

Math Lab Materials

STEAM materials purchased through district, school, and PTA/PTO funds


  • Students in grades 2-5 will receive a P or F (pass or fail) at the end of the quarter for ELA, Math, Science, & SS. No grades/letters for Health or RA. No numeric grades should be entered into PS for the 4th quarter.

  • Teachers will NOT indicate above, on, or above for the reading expectations for the quarter.

  • Teachers will NOT make a comment about handwriting.

  • K & 1- Mrs. Bogan is creating a template for your grades.

  • Teachers must have some “record” if students are completing work. We cannot give a student a F (fail) if no records are being kept. If you need help or suggestions with this, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

  • This should not be shared with parents! Please let me know if a student has not completed 50% of their work after May 15th. Anyone who hasn't, will be an administrator decision on pass/fail. We will not penalize kids because of their lack of parental support. Pretty much, if a student tried, they will pass. If you have a question about a specific kid, please email me.

Quote of the Week

"Keep looking up… that’s the secret of life". -Snoopy

Happy May Birthdays to the Following Colts!

We hope the following staff members have a wonderful birthday!

May 1 Alyssa Cohn

May 4 Diana Gardin

May 11 Emily Stewart

May 12 Brittany Kobak

May 17 Dana Schuster

May 18 Nikki Letterhos

May 18 Jo Seibles

May 21 Ryan Barkley

May 26 Alexis Greer

May 29 Katy Rolison

May 29 Jessica Williams

Colt Shout Outs

  • Shout out to everyone who volunteered to help with packets, etc.
  • Shout out to all who were involved in making round 3 go so smoothly.
  • Shout out to the instructional leadership team for helping teams.

SES Teacher Website

Our Google Site will provide access to a variety of resources including: Master Schedules, Handbooks, Calendars, Faculty Rosters, etc...