Pie the Principal!!

at the Spring Fling on March 25th

I Just Might Regret This!!!

The grade that raises the most money for the Read-a-Thon fundraiser by 8 a.m. March 25 will get to send their teacher or student representative to throw a PIE at the PRINCIPAL during the Spring Fling Festival.

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The Webster Wolves Read-a-thon is going great!

It's impossible to tell which grade level is going to be the highest fund raiser and which will have the most minutes read.

Please remember to track the minutes your child reads on the 99 Pledges website so that the students can receive the reading incentive prizes.

Raising funds is simple. Donate online to


There are two ways to donate:

1. Donate a flat fee

2. Make a pledge per minute read: Example $0.25 min x 800 min = $200.00

( Students will track their minutes during the Read-A-Thon and submit minutes at

the end of the fundraiser.)

Starting on March 1st, students must track their reading times through the 99-

pledge site on their profile management page. Parents will receive an email for their

student's page. Every student who participates by obtaining donations will be

eligible to obtain reading incentives based on the number of minutes read. In

addition, every student who collects at least $50 dollars in donations will be entered

into a raffle to win a brand new Kindle!

( Please see the flyer below for more information on prizes.)


1. You will receive an email for the student to link to his profile management page.

2. Click on the student's private profile management page.

3. Navigate to the "Track" tab

4. Track your minutes.

5. Last day to enter your reading minutes on the profile management page .

If you have any questions, please contact danielwebsterannualfund@gmail.com

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