Michelle Lamptey

A Little About Me

I was born in Alpharetta, Georgia on June 16, 2002. I have 3 sisters Chelsea 15, Jessica 6, and Alexis 4. I am the 2nd oldest. At the age of 4 I moved to Buford, Georgia. It was here that I attended Sycamore Elementary.That is also where I met my best friend, Peyton Olla. Ever since I was a child,I loved to hang out with my oldest sister, Chelsea. When I was younger I had different interests then I do now. When I was younger and I didn't have a younger sister I would always wish for one. Now I have a younger sister I kind of wish I didn't! Now I have different. I am more energetic then I was before. I have different interest in music to. I listen to pop music and I have different songs about every week. This week my favorite song is If I were a zombie. I also noticed that I have been growing through the year. When I started the 5th grade I really had no clue about how it would be. Now that I am in 5th grade I know that it's not as scary as I thought it would be. I actually love 5th grade and i can't wait to go onto 6th!!! (LMS Foreverrrr!!!!!!)

My Old Neighborhood... Holcombs Pond

A Day In A Life

*Yawn* I wake up to the sound of Jessica crying but I really don't care because today is my birthday!! I open my room door to find my Mom, Dad, Chelsea, Jessica, and Alexis. i come out and gasp. i pretend to be surprised. As i walk down stairs the my family sings 'Happy Birthday' to me. I was happy I just couldn't stop smiling even when I tried to. I go into the kitchen and find a birthday cake waiting for me at the table. It was chocolate and I totes love chocolate cake. I wanted to eat it for breakfast, but right when I was about to put the cake in my mouth my mom stopped me. She told me to go brush my teeth. I walked up the stairs and told her, "Fiiinee". I shrugged up the stairs and when to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I was walking down to the kitchen again I saw my parents waiting down the stairs. my mom had my cake in one hand and my dad had 3 presents in the other one. I ran down a grabbed my cake instantly then i dash to the kitchen. Both parents follow after me shaking their heads. Shm. When they reach the kitchen I was asking for another slice. They told me that I would get it after I open my presents. I opened the first one. They were these really cute sandals. The I got my first ever crop top. (Btw a crop top is a shirt that doesn't come all the way don and you have to wear and undershirt under). The last present wasn't a shirt, wasn't shoes, weren't pants, and it definitely wasn't an iPhone. What it was, was an Strawberry Short Cake radio play! I loved it .(This may make me sound immature, but I love Strawberry Short Cake and Hello Kitty.) i was sooo excited, but my parents just looked sooo confused. Also in the present package there were CD's. I plugged it in and soon I was singing alone .My mom promised me that after I finished opening my presents that i could get my cake.

"Michelle!!!! Michelle!!! MICHELLE!!!!!!!!! Come and get your cakeeee!!" She shouted.

Clearly I wasn't listening because i was still dancing and singing throughout the whole situation. Laughing Out Loud :P

2010.. My Important Year

Most people don't know this about me but I love to sing. In 2010 I found my love for singing. A few years before 2010, I moved to a new church. I wasn't very happy about the whole situation But then I made a new friend, Elisha. She is like a cousin to me. Then in 2010 she said that we should start a singing group. i was kind of nervous about singing in front of other people then my friends or my family. We practiced and practiced and practiced. Then we started singing in a group and i wasn't as shy as I always were.

Then in 2012, We stopped singing together. We're still friends, but our singing group just fell apart. Now because of all my supporters and my friends who encouraged me to sing, I feel like if I try I can do anything and accomplish anything.

When I think of 2010 I think of all the cool song I used to sing and how much fun I would have. 2010 is the year i realized my talent.