Kingston, Jamaica

Did you know there was more to Jamaica than just seafood & cool accents?

Jamaican Cuisines

Eat jamaican food, that is a mixture of different cultures like african, european,chinese and indian cuisines. They usally eat the aclee berry on the side of their dinner plate, before you eat this tasteful berry you must be sure that it is fully ripen because until fully fipen it is poisionus. Want to go out to eat? You should grab a favorite dish from a restaurant, such as jerked chicken or pork, and curry chicken(Very Popular). Jamaican citizens usally farm and harvest their own crops like fruits and veggies. WOW! A rural family eats all together at 4:00 pm, while a urban family eats together only on weekends because of work, school, and schedules. If you wanted to grab a quick bite on the side of tthe road like a cart you wouldnt be able to eat it on the go because it is considered rude to eat while moving.

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When you travel to Jamaica you will most likely hear the famous raggae music. Raggae is soul music that is often listened to in Jamaica . Raggae was born in Linstead, Jamaica and is now shared through the country. Jamaica has a memorial park called "National Heroes Park" which was once named "Race course" until they won their independence. Jamaica won its independence from the united kingdom on August 6, 1962. Go to Jamaica and find out exactly how they won their independence.

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let me tell you man'

On your trip to Jamaica you have to visit its beautiful landmarks. You can visit Devon Heritage Site, Bob-Marley mueseum, and The Ward Theater. Devon heritage site home of Jamaica's first black millonaire. If you love raggae music party it up at the Bob-Marley mesuem. The Ward Theater is one of the landmarks in Kingston where you can see the best of the nations culture. Most of all these landmarks are cultural.

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Patious Rythem

Jamaica's language is based on the english language. Jamaican's speak paitos which is a english based creole. Jamaicans talk very rythemic, some citizens speak a strong underlying local language that represents the countries multicultuaral and multi-ethnic history. Slavery influences some of the landuages they speak . The Jamaican language is just english that is creole and they have some local languages.

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Cruise into the past

Tourism to Jamaica started in the early 17th century. Tourism started because New England people and North American people wanted to escape the cold winter. After World War 1 when improved methods of transpirtation made it easier for people to travel to Jamaica so more people started coming. Now tourism exceeds millons every year. One of the reasons traveling to Jamaica now is very popular is because of cruise ships.

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Blown Away

Jamaica is a very dry place so pack you pack your summer clothes unless....... you go in the wet season. Jamaica has a wet season and a dry season, the dry season is December- April. You may be able to pack some summer clothes during the wet season becaus eit is still pretty dry and warm. Jamaica has suffered many natural disasters, a huge fire in 1882 and earthquake in 1907. If you want to go to the beach the best time to go is during thr dry season while its warmest. Jamaica is very predictable because it is almost always warm!

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Top 5 Attractions Jamaica - Caribbean Travel Guide

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