Your Business is Charmed!

August 2014 Earners


We're headed into a super fall selling season and I'm excited to send out more charms this week! I haven't been good at keeping you posted on what you've earned, but I sure have enjoyed taking it to the Post Office and seeing your "bling" show up on facebook!

Newly Qualified Consultant earners

Kaci Ard
Erica Kleckler

Consultants with $800+ Personal Volume

Amie Mascara
Sandra Wix
Kim Brumbles
Becky Quinn
Jackie Thompson

Consultants who recruited 1

Sarla Morris

September Charm

In September you will be working to earn this little beauty!

Consultants need $800+ in PV OR 1 recruit
Directors need $1500+ in PV OR 1 recruit
Any consultant who qualifies will also earn!