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Weekly update from Bonsall West January 27, 2023

Principal's Message: Dream Big Bonsall West and ride with pride!

Hello parents and families!

This week we had our week long Great Kindness challenge. The students had a great time dressing up all week and completing our different challenges. Students made notes for others, helped out their teachers/parents and shared examples of ways to be kind to others. Our Great kindness challenge for February will be making blankets for the humane society. We hope you will be able to come join us as a family on February 10th from 5-7 p.m. to help us make blankets. This is a free event. We will be conducting a fleece drive to gather the materials for our event the week of January 30-February 3rd. The size of the fleece needed is 24x24.

Thank you for your voluntary participation in ourSchool Store Fundraiser. The fundraiser was held this week. Our school receives money based on the number of families who participate. Families/their friends who made a 100% tax deductible donation to your child’s classroom with the purchase of a caring for gift card enabled our teachers to go shopping for supplies/equipment. Out teachers/school appreciate your generosity!!

Thank you to Dr. Bronner's for coming and showering our student for the magic foam event! Students had a great time getting completely covered in foam after school on Friday!

Thank you to all 370 attendees from last weeks' PTA glow dance! Everyone had a fantastic time!! The music from Mr. Hangenah was popping!

Is your child interested in working with animals? We have a survey for you to complete if your child is interested in doing an internship on Rawhide Ranch. Please click on the attached survey:

Does your child love art and creating crafts? Our District will be hosting a special art show on March 7th at Sullivan Middle School. We are asking for students to submit their special pieces to highlight their creativity. Please see the attached flyer below. Art submissions can be a craft or fine art. Please make sure submissions are no bigger than 12x18. If your child would like to creat a piece, but they do not have construction paper/colored pencils at home, please have them ask their child's teacher or the school office. All submissions must be in the Bonsall West office no later than 2/10 with two labels attached. Thank you!

On 1/27, we held our 3-6th grade first semester awards for students who have earned teacher/principal honor roll. We had so many students receive this award this semester. Congratulations!

Our students were so excited for the magic foam experience on Friday. Thank you to Dr. Bronner and The All-One Magic Foam Experience. It was a novel, ecological and exhilarating foam “shower” that covers you in foam and leaves you feeling refreshed and tingly-clean. Made simply from our organic soap, water, and compressed air, Dr. Bronner’s foam is safe and biodegradable.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On Friday, March 17th, we will be Presenting Our Annual Bonsall West Variety Show, “Mixed Tape”. The show will take place during school hours in our auditorium. Students are encouraged to sign-up and participate. Permission slips will be going out next week. If your son/daughter is interested in performing, please fill out the permission slip and return it to the school as soon as possible with your student. Rehearsals will begin on February 5 th . If you have any further questions or need more

information, please contact Mr. Guzman by email: .

Thank You.

Gung Ho staff awards were selected for this month by their colleagues:

Gift of the goose: cheering others on: Jen Rogers

Spirit of the Pig: commitment: Phoebe Mauk

Way of the Beaver: in control of achieving the goal: Tina Calabrese

Spirit of the Squirrel: worthwhile work: Joey Stark

Please check out the portal link below, click on your school and/or other schools to see these great programs available for students TK-8. Students from any school can attend sessions at any site and a few are online as well.

BUSD After School Enrichment Portal

Bonsall West School Mission Statement

At Bonsall West, everyone is inspired to do their best, be respectful, work hard, think of others and dream big!

Bonsall West Vision:

At Bonsall West, we will focus on the future by setting goals and collaborating to create a leader culture that respectfully serves the community.

Reminder: our early release day is now Friday. Please remember to pick up your child at 1:05 for grades TK/K and 1:15 for students in grade 1-6th. Please also remind your child to bring a refillable water bottle daily. We have RO systems for fresh drinking water at school. If your child would like to get a hot lunch, please remind them to raise their hand in class.

Every Thursday is college shirt day and every Friday is Bonsall West spirit shirt days!

For additional information, please contact JoAnn Carruego

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District News

Bonsall Education foundation

SOS: support for our students

Donate to Bonsall Education Foundation for the

2022 -23 school year to show your support. (See the attached flyer)

Just visit our website to choose your school site.

All donations will go towards much needed

equipment and supplies for special projects and

activities for our students at Bonsall West.

The goal for BEF is $25 for each student. The money goes directly to our students for teacher projects.

The Bonsall Education Foundation (BEF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization to help fund schools in the Bonsall Unified School District. Our mission includes the following:

* Support Our Students Program (SOS)
* After-School Enrichment Opportunities
* Bonsall Sprouts Garden Program
* Giving Tree Award
* Dale Costa Memorial Scholarship
* BHS College & Career Scholarship
* Student Internship Program with BHS
* Restoration of the historic Bonsall Schoolhouse

BEF works closely with BUSD administrators, teachers, students, parents and other community organizations to provide students with opportunities to enrich their school experience.
They are always looking for new members to apply their expertise and heart for the benefit of our school communities!

Go to to see the meeting dates for the year.

Covid Tests

BUSD Families,

In an effort to support the health and safety of our learning communities, the State of California has provided no-cost, at-home Covid-19 antigen test kits for families with students enrolled in Bonsall Unified School District. These tests are meant to assist you with quickly determining if your student may have COVID-19.

These at-home test kits can offer a safe, quick, and convenient way for students to monitor their health and help to reduce transmission. Test kits are available and can be ascertained at your student(s) school office.

We strongly encourage families to use the kits to test their children and report positive results to their school site. The results are important because they will allow us to proactively keep our students safe and our schools open for teaching and learning.

Thank you for your continued support and helping us keep our school communities healthy and safe.

Student shout outs

Shout out to Mrs. Grygera's class for working so quietly on i-Ready on Monday!

Shout out to Holden Gardiner, Evvie James, Hailey Kaheaku Enhada, Nathan Giraud, and Taylor Rosa for your fantastic reading!

Shout out to Orlando Espanol and Jonah Parra for AR Reading!

Shout out to Lucy Luedtke, Jonah Parra, Orlando Espanol, Willy Gomez, Grayson Emoto, Logan Barcello, Nora Shinwari, Colton Elliott, Christen Silva Amador, Skylar Miller, Holden Gardiner, Taylor Rosa, Hailey Kaheaku Enhada, Nathan Giraud, Zachary Loven, Grace Meng, Evie Ramirez, Alayna de la Rosafor your wonderful MLK writing!

Shout out to James Pagett, Jaxson Fitzgerald, and Kaydyn Hawbaker for your reading!

Shout out to Maddex Botz, Kyra Daniel, Myles Morant, Onyx Co, Hudson Hornwood for your great goal writing!

Shout out to Mrs. Stegmillers ' whole class for being so kind, welcoming and helpful to the new student in class!

Shout out to Kyle Stegmiller and Henry Luedtke for being sent to the office for principal stamp of approval for a 100% on their math test! They received a stamp of approval card, a dance party, a special phone call home and a prize from the prize box!

Shout out to all of our teacher/principal honor roll students for all their hard work during the first semester!

Shout out to the following 5th graders for being the top 'stock market winners' in their math class! Ben Phillips,Blake Duclos,Callum Dunning,Annie Stelma,Raymond Berry and Kevin Lin.

Staff Shout outs

Shout out to JoAnn Carruego in the office for organizing all the student of the month, teacher/principal honor roll certificates!

Shout out to JoAnn and Cindy in the office for all your hard work covering the front office!

Shout out to Mrs. Grygera for your students' improved behavior!

Shout out to Mrs. Mansell for the outstanding writing assignments!

Shout out to Mrs. Bennett for your students' classroom routines and getting your students ready for kindegarten!

Shout out to Mrs. Stegmiller for your MLK student writing/polar bear writing!

Shout out to Mrs. Quinones for your patience!

Shout out to Mrs. Carney for your classroom routines/procedures!

Shout out to Mrs. Wise for the beautiful student self portraits!

Shout out to Mrs. Sullivan for the beautiful chalk art on the walls!

Shout out to Mrs. Milton for excellent classroom management!

Shout out to Mr. Guzman for your step by step explanation of the Eqyptian writing project!

Shout out to Mrs. Dale/Mr. Stark for the New Year's resoultion writing using gnomes!

Shout out to Mrs. Dale/Mr. Stark's class for the Chinese dragon art!


Habit 4: This past month, we learned about Habit 4-- Think Win-Win! Students learned about what it means to find a solution where everyone can "win" or come to a conclusion both parties feel good about. It's easy to fall into the scarcity mindset where we may find ourselves thinking that there aren't enough of the best things for everyone to get what they want, which can lead to a spiral of finding other things that aren't "going right". Thinking win-win involves shifting our mindsets to the abundance mentality where we see the bigger picture rather than focusing on what we want or don't get to find a way for everyone to find a conclusion they feel good about.

Great Kindness Challenge

This month from the 23-27th is the annual Great Kindness Challenge!

Our school will be celebrating with additional lessons and activities that will help to promote the importance of all acts of kindness in the school.

More information to come!

At Bonsall West Elementary School we are focusing on the Leader in Me to build lifelong leadership skills. We want our students to focus on the 7 habits: 1. feel empowered to be proactive and be in charge of themselves,2. set goals and begin with the end in mind,3. focus on work first then play with put first things first, 4. have an abundance mindset and think win win, 5. listen to our peers and seek first to understand , then be understood, collaboratively and synergize and 7. have school work/life balance and sharpen the saw. We have attached a couple of resource that explains the paradigm shifts that we focus on as well as the habits we focus on.


Upcoming events:

1/26: 6th grade camp Q & A with Dustin in MPR @10:00. Parents invited!

1/27: First semester awards ceremony for grades 3-6th; Magic foam event @2:00 p.m.

1/30: Fabric Drive for February great kindness challenge

2/10: Wrap the love: make blankets for humane society: Great Kindness Challenge for February

Please click on the latest edition of the District community newsletter:

The Bonsall Unified School District will be hosting a drive for our local families. See attached flyer for donation ideas. All items should be dropped off at the District office.

In need of food assistance? Please open the flyer below to apply for Love on your back to receive a backpack full of good food for your family.

Homework strategies/supports for military families:

This webinar helps military parents with multiple children navigate the different homework assignments and requirements that each child must accomplish. Parents learn practical tips and strategies, including how to motivate their children. Register here:

Please click on the latest newsletter from our community liaison:

Upcoming Dates:

Membership drive is on now!

Please click on the link below for the BUSD community newsletter:

BUSD Love on your back program

3597 Kellington Ct., Oceanside, Ca. 92056 760 224-1098


501c3 Nonprofit Charity #83-1210023 (website)

Please sign up for PTA:


1/23: Kick off Great Kindness Challenge

1/26: 6th grade camp: Q & A session @10:00 a.m. inMPR

1/27: First semester awards @8:30 , grades 3-6th; Magic foam event @2:00 p.m.

1/30: Fabric drive for February great kindness challenge

2/10: Snuggles blanket making event

Click on this link if you would like to contribute for a TK grant for STEM