Health and Nutrition

By: Preston Rutherford

Why do we eat unhealthy foods?

Now in days, more and more people are eating less healthy foods and becoming unhealthier everyday. Part of this reason is because of the fast food chains that you can find everywhere you go. If you are running late for something and you need to eat something, you're going to want to get something quick and easy. So you drive to a fast food chain and you buy your meal. This is unhealthy and you get into habits of doing this more often.

Healthy substitutions

Using wheat instead of white bread is a great substitute. It isn't processed and it's all natural. Another is Grilled Chicken instead of fried. You cut back on your tran fat, grease, salt, and fat while doing this.
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Exercise is Key

They key to being healthy isn't just eating right, it's exercising!!!!! Exercising helps your heart function better and when it does, you are less likely to have a heart attack or have other heart issues. And not only does it help and make you feel better, you will look better too. This is why exercise is key to our health.
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