Can you follow the rules?

Why do we need netiquitte?

We need netiquitte and its rules because it tells how to use the internet saftly. So that the people that are insulting others know how other feel and stop.We need netiquette because alot of lives are being lost thank to cyber bullys,thats why we need netiquitte.

Follow the rules for online safty.

1. Remember the human-That means thatv you have to treat other the way you whant be treated.

2. Know were you are in cyberspace- That means that you have to know if your as bad as a cyber bully or as good as a cyber saint

3. Make yourself look good online- It means that you have to use proper language.

4.Share expert knowledge- It means that if somone needs help and you know how to do it, well you help them then.

5. Help keep flame wars under control- It means that you have to try to stop people from flaming others.

6. Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in the real life- That means that you have to do the same things in the real world than inthe internet.