February 2016 Staff Newsletter

So much to do, so little time...*

Staff Birthdays and Half-Birthdays

Danny Jones - February 25 (and it might be a big one this year according to a little bird)

Scott Auderer - February 26

Deb Gray - August 25

Ashley Becker - August 25

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Congrats to Everyone for making the transition to Modified Block so Successful!!

There are still probably some areas that we could improve, but so far the staff feedback has been pretty positive about our experience thus far (two weeks in). Keep checking out Jen Schnormeier's resource folder if you are running out of ideas or need to tweak some plans. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2R-PrxD0JAMX29FZzRUNjJ1cWM

Business Horizons for Juniors and Seniors

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 8am to Friday, Feb. 12th, 3pm

312 Gretten Street

Gilbert, IA

Remember that Business Horizons will be happening Tuesday through Friday next week! To everyone participating - have fun! To those who are not, we'll try to keep the noise down :).


If we left anyone off the list, it was an accident and we sincerely apologize. You are all very valued members of our GHS family!

Allison Anderson

Deanne Blair

Tami Bulman

Bill Charo

Mel Clouser

Penny Davis

Teri Driggers

Rhonda Gardner

Debbie Gray

Nicole Healy

Jason Holtan

Teri Immerman

Chris Lawrence

Laura Metzger

Theresa Presley

Dave Rickerl

Shirley Rickerl

Joanne Robinson

Sherri Rydl

Carrie Stevens

Michelle Stuber

Lisa Taylor

Bob Terrones

Gayla Thompson

Phil Wirth

With much respect - The Vision, Culture, and Climate Team

Melissa Appel, Cathy Anderson, Scott Auderer, Cheryl Moss, Bonnie Pohl, and Heather Schurr

One last thing.....

If we left anything out, or you have upcoming events in the Spring you'd like the rest of the staff to know about in advance, please drop one of us a line so we can add it to the newsletter! Thank you!

*shortened month joke to get it off on the right track :)