Glenda Hentges

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Nincompoop who truly believes that the world has reached its end. Our own insignificance never occurred to us, now did it? We're nothing more than a supercilious species that refuses to acknowledge the fallibility of our own instincts. We ignore our own shortcomings, marching through life like a schizophrenic Third Reich, adamant that our own demise mudbone will inevitably equate to the end of sex all existence.

Well, I spit in the eye of those who refuse to acknowledge the footprints of those who've marched before us. Look at all the psychopaths we've lived with, and ask yourself porn images this, how is it sex that the human species never managed to completely destroyed the world? I credit our own porn images incompetence, for I know we tried. We bit the hand that feeds us, many times, but we never managed to bite off any fingers. Sure, porn images we left our share of scratches, some scars along the palm, but the damage wife threesome wasn't anything that couldn't be ignored. We carried on, and we shouldn't forget that we're still carrying on.

Our history sex hasn't completely ended. I'm still writing the written word, and that makes it true, that there's still a chance that we'll finally do ourselves in. Maybe we'll pull off the big one before the plague wipes the rest of us out. Maybe we'll bring back the bomb, and obliterate the ground that nourishes our tired feet. Go ahead. Push the button. I dare you. It's the only thing left of value, so we might as well take it too. All other ideologies are lost.

Nothing matters anymore, not mudbone one bloody torso, for my immortality is dying xxx pictures the same slow and agonizing death as the greater human species. I'm a published author, you have to understand, and I've porn images lived the better part of my life under the misconception that my words will sexo live forever. That's what we writers want, sex you know. We seek immortality. We want future generations to girlfriend threesome collect our works and preserve our thoughts.

And even more so, we want wife threesome coming of age geniuses to acknowledge the trail of inspiration that we leave behind. Let them read what we've written. Let them rise to fruition on the influence of our words. The path we're paving hottest girlfriend xxx pictures only matters so long as our followers continue hottest girlfriend to pave a path of their own. My organs have always been destined to die, to slowly rot their way into the soil. But the words I've written? I used to fancy them living on in perpetuity. And why not? I've frightened.