Let Students Dye Their Hair

Unnatural coloring

All the other schools are letting their students dye their hair fabulous colors.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to dye your hair a stunning color, like blue or purple or pink?

Isn't it rather sad that we aren't able to?

There really is no harm in letting students dye their hair unnatural colors. Many schools all over the nation let their students dye their hair awesome colors. Their halls are not filled with only brunettes and blondes, but they also have greens and blues and neon oranges. Sadly, Coppell High School isn't one of those schools, but becoming a school where students can express themselves through hair coloring would make CHS much more glorious. We would fit in with the colorful schools and be known as a 'cool school' or a 'chill school'.

If you want students to be able to dye their hair insane colors, please let an administrator know!