Let's Talk 'Bout the Girls!

Topics to Talk About

In promotion of our upcoming stage play, "Conversations 'Bout The Girls," we want you to tell us what you think about your breasts, a.k.a. "the girls."

Using any social media video application, choose one (or ALL) of the following:

1. Name another word for "the girls"

2. Who's Breasts Do You Admire?

3. What Excites Your Breasts?

Be sure to use the hashtag #boutthegirls so we can see your messages!

Conversations 'Bout the Girls

Conversations ‘Bout the Girls, brings into view the mysterious, sometimes misunderstood, and often controversial realm of women’s bodies and body images.

Taking place on Friday, May 9th - Sunday, May 11th, Conversations ‘Bout the Girls is a representation of the next phase of women’s stories with the ability to transform lives through laughter, tears and understanding. From hilarious to heartbreaking,

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