Mariah Kacer

All About Me

How I am Gifted

My totals for the sheet of positive and negative were nine and four my numbers are not very similar but I also have other strengths and weaknesses. I believe that most people don't know their strengths and weaknesses and that may be a good thing or a bad thing.
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My Logo

I put a dancer in my logo because obviously I love to dance. My quote in my logo is by Scott Adams and I chose it because I think I have a lot of creativity when it comes to dance and art.


Math is one of my strengths. I believe that I am good at math because I am in eighth grade math and I get a really good grade. Another one of my strengths are in art because I am very creative and I love doing crafts.

Room for Improvement

I often forget where I place things and then I will find it after I get a new one. I have tried to be careful where I place things and I've tried to organize things but I still lose things. I also need to start reading more instead of watching Netflix (even though Netflix is amazing).