DEC 18 2016


American National

Medescort – Dr Hasan Ali Bulak MD

Origin – Munich Germany

Destination –Dubai UAE

Mode – Commercial flight – Business class

Doctor Medescort with oxygen/ALS/Wheelchair

Travel Summary –Diane Lynn Vanderpol.

Diane Lynn Vanderpol female 48 years with H/o undergoing Acute Appendicitis with Perforated Diverticulum disease with Peritonitis on Dec 5th 15 recovered for planned transportation to Dubai UAE on Commercial flight Business class with Doctor escort - Oxygen and wheelchair.

On receiving the transportation request – we arranged for a complete Medical clearance from Emirates airlines including Wheelchair to seat, oxygen and priority boarding and deboarding and Car transport at both ends.

Our Doctor Medical escort – Dr Hasan Ali Bulak who flew from our base in Turkey to be positioned at Munich on the day of travel.

On arrival at Munich, he visited the hospital and did a Pretravel assessment and talked to the Medical personnel at the hospital. The patient was made ready for the travel to Dubai.

All parameters were stable - however patient was weak and had some heartburn.

She was happy to travel back home.

She was afebrile, P- 90/min, BP 130/90 mm hg, SPo2 – 98% on room air, chest clear, patient was breathing normal.

Patient was ground transported to Munich airport and was checked in on a priority basis. She was placed in the lounge and had light food. His vitals were stable and she was comfortable.

The flight from Munich to Dubai was uneventful. All vitals were stable. Patient maintained normal parameters and normal oxygen saturation. Patient had soft diet and liquids and slept part way throught the flight. Toilet assistance was provided to the patient.

On landing at Dubai airport, patient was wheel chaired to the waiting car for travel to her home in Business Bay.

Assist America was informed and updated about the progress of the travel in real time on email.

Dr Nitin Yende

Air Ambulance International

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