Bridget Riley

Artist of the 1960's

Growing Up

Bridget Riley was born in Norwood, South London in 1931.She went to school from 1946-1955. Bridget Riley had some hard times in the 1950's but after recovery she rose to success in the 1960's.

Bridget Riley's Works

Bridget Riley's works were often illusions. She created op-art and she also used only lines or simple shapes again and again in many of her pieces.

Some of Bridget Riley's famous works:

"No painter, dead or alive, has ever made us more aware of our eyes than Bridget Riley"- Robert Melville, 1971


April 14, 1931 Born: South London (her father relocated to Lincolnshire and the family moved too)

1949-1952 Studied at Goldsmith's College (studied at Cheltenham Ladies College 1996-1999)

1965 her paintings came to international notice at the Modern Museum of Art in New York

1969 Riley was the first woman ever to win the International Prize for Painting at the 34th Venice Biennale

1976 Received honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester, Ulster

1994 Received honorary doctorate from Oxford

1995 Received honorary doctorate from Cambridge University

1996 Received honorary doctorate from Montfort

1999 was appointed the Companion of Honor from the Commonwealth Realm

2003 Received the Praemium Imperiale - the International Prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts from the Japan Art Association