Maddy Land

By:Madeline Leal

why do you want to live here?

At Maddy Land we have everything you need, we even make you our number one priority. In our community everyone is kind and respectful we provide you with everything, to get money you can plant a money tree and there you go you have all the money you ever wanted. Also bad/mean people are not aloud they get thrown out and they disappear. In Maddy Land there are no jails, we even have one side of the land that is modern/down town, and the other side is counrty. So you can choose which one is perfect for you, you can also choose how you want your house , in just a snap of your fringures.

How does your economic system work?

The economic system is capitalism the people decide what products we need in buy, so our people can have what they need and want. We provide everything you need but we don't hand anything to you. You have to work for just like you would for anything everyone is middle class or upper class it depends what job you have. Everyone has a good paying job but you still have to go to collage and work hard for your things, also you need to be responsible. And if you want more money than you can get a money tree as well. However to purchase things you would need to buy them at a store also to sell things you can send them to a certain place and we give you money for it so you can make some profit.
Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33


Capitalism also has Pros and Cons like everything, the Pros are that everyone has freedom to do what they please but they have to follow the basic rules for example, Be respectful, Be responsible, keep the the community clean, Don't harm others and ect. the basic rules. You may get what ever job you want as long as it isn't bad , futhure more you are allowed to have pets/animals. Just be happy and have fun, and remeber to always be you self. The cons are that it can some times be an isue with the supply and demand beacuse not all products are good, so we have to check what items you are wanting to purchase. Other wise everthing would kinda be kaotic. Thats why our system is organized and always up to date with everyone and everything, so we always know whats best for you:)
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In conclusion in Maddy Land we would love to have you and your loved one to be here with us in our safe and happy community:) We provide everything you need and your famil needs, but we don't just hand everything to you, you have to work for things. In Maddy Land your safety is on te top of our list, along with if you are not pleased with something we would be glade to be at your assistance. There are so any fantasic reasons why you should live here. So like we always say here in Maddy Land if your happy we are happy:)