Charming Rockstars Newsletter

Hello Team! Let's rock this business!

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Hello everyone! I am so excited about our growing Origami Owl team and thought it was about time I send out a little newsletter to properly introduce myself to those that don't know me very well yet.

I am an Army wife and stay-home mom to 2 toddlers. Wyatt will be 4 in June and Ava will be 2 in May. My husband is currently working on Capitol Hill as part of an Army Fellowship so we are currently living in Alexandria VA and will remain here for about another year.

I joined Origami Owl almost a year ago more than anything to have something fun to do with my time. I needed a break from "mommyland". I had never seen a locket in person and didn't have a clue about anything related to Direct Sales but my friend Jill had started with O2 and was having amazing success so I figured what the heck, it sounded like fun. Over this last year though I have come to learn so much about the heart of Origami Owl as well as what an amazing opportunity it is for women looking to have a business that can be worked into their existing lives and I can say now that I'm glad I blindly followed my heart and jumped right in.

I am so excited to have each one of you along for this journey and I hope that you are excited as well about the things you can achieve.

So - down to a little business! There are a few tools to help your business that I want to make sure everyone knows about. These tools will offer you a wealth of information and ideas to help you becomes successful.

1) Your Back Office! Yes, we all know how to log in, place orders and check our monthly volume (if you don't - contact your mentor asap!!). But have you clicked on the O2 Lounge tab lately? This is where we receive invaluable updates directly from The Nest. Every Monday night we have a new webinar posted that not only covers some of the most important updates from the week but also highlights different areas of the company and our business and provides tools and suggestions on how we can all be our best. This is also where you'll find updated product availability lists as well as any other news you may need to know.

2) O2 Newsletters. Each week you should be getting "The Hoot" Newsletter from The Nest. This will be a summary of the week's updates as well as some inspirational pieces about Designers who are having great success (and how they are doing it!) and tips from our Corporate Leadership. You will also get a copy every month of our Corporate produced customer newsletter, the "O2 Connection" which is fantastic! Be sure to share the O2 connection with YOUR contacts!

3) Facebook Team Group. Are you on facebook? Are you a part of our upline groups? The FB group is an AMAZING resource. Not only will you get additional updates that aren't available in the back office but we also have provided a full guide on how to get your business started, how to launch a facebook page, Jewelry Bar tips and ideas, marketing materials, pictures you can share with your customers and so much more. Plus all of our team leadership is available to help with ideas and answer questions if your direct mentor is not available. We are incredibly lucky that we have a very active group with some amazing women who are building big businesses. If you are not a part of this group yet please let me know and I will make sure we get you added.

Finally for this month I am excited to offer my first Charming Rockstars Team Incentive! I know we recently came off of the holiday high selling season so I wanted to give a little push to help keep your business going. So for this month - every 250PV you have will earn 1 entry into a drawing for $50 (retail) in charms of your choice! What an easy way to give a little boost to your stock in addition to the profits you'll be earning!

Don't worry if you don't have anything on the schedule just yet. We still have plenty of time this month to get some parties in! Jump on the phone with your local girlfriends and ask if they'd be willing to host a "Ladies Night In" for you and earn some free rewards. (Um, have you seen the current hostess exclusive!?!? It's Ah-may-zing!) You can also offer to do a facebook or catalog party as well if someone that isn't local to you wants to earn some free bling! Check in with your mentor for additional ideas or help setting up a party if you haven't done one yet, that's what we are here for!

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or concerns about what you are doing and how you are doing it. Also let me know what areas you are struggling with or would like some more tips and training on. I want to see each one of you hit whatever goals you desire! I can be reached by email at, on facebook (Taylor Kahre - there's only one of me as far as I know!) or by phone at 812-760-3393.

Let's kick butt this month Rockstars!