The wonderful world of celluloid

(Yeah it's cooler than it sounds) By: Kyle Brady

My fair maiden celluloid, hast thou met thy maker?

Yes, Alexander Parkes (the fine gentleman below) created celluloid in 1855. In England, it was the first ever made synthetic plastic. It was made of nitrocellulose and camphor (with other agents and dyes). As a tough flexible plastic that won't dissolve in water and dilute acids. It came in a variety of colors. As a synthetic plastic it is artificial and made to mock natural resources, so it came in a variety of products (from guitar picks to film) it was based entirely on synthetic polymers.

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Celluloid: The Early Years

Celluloid was created in 1855 by Alexander Parks, it was based entirely on synthetic polymers. It's main use was in films (no not as a movie star, the strips).

Celluloid, is it still around today?

Yes, though it has been replaced in where-areas they found a more reliable source. It is still around in film, and I don't mean as an actor. It is the tapes that the movie is played off of.