Hey, do you remember that one time?

Yeah...me either

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Still cramming for that test tomorrow?

Here's some ways to help ya out! First, start with your notes. You have to take good notes in class to be able to study later. Remember key words that will stay in your brain! Learn what those words mean so you can know for the test. STAY FOCUSED!!! now and during the test... if you're reading the words but thinking about something else then there's a good chance you won't remember the material!


Help Me Help You

If you stay focused and learn the material then it's in your brain and won't leave for a while. All you have to do it find a way to trigger it so that you can recall the information. There are plenty of ways you can make your brain remember things. Just one way is the Peg Word System and that helps with vocabulary tests usually. You take the first letter of the words and make a sentence or phrase out of them for example... Every Good Boy Does Fine.