K-2 Wing Newsletter

March 21-25, 2016

Behave with Care

As spring arrives and we get closer to Spring Break, everyone (students and teachers) are ready for a break. From now until the last day of school, remember to re-teach and reinforce behavior expectations. Anytime we have a break from school, be sure to re-teach expectations for the hallway, bathroom, cafeteria etc. as your class transitions. Don't forget to reteach your classroom expectations too. Be patient and remember why you became a teacher.....to help children. Use the prevention and intervention strategies we discussed in our training on Friday. Refer back to the Behave with Care manual. There are many great resources to help you and the students be successful! As I am observing, I will be looking to see you implement strategies to address student behavior.


During dismissal, please be sure you are actively monitoring students, both inside and outside. Van riders should be sitting quietly in the classroom in order to hear the announcements. Many students are having to be called individually from our wing. This slows down the dismissal process. Please have your students quiet and ready to be dismissed in a timely manner when their daycare van is called. Thank you!

Easter Party

Easter parties are not approved for this Friday. If you would like to have an Easter snack for your students at 2:45, that is fine; however, cupcakes, cakes, and treats dropped off by parents are not allowed.

Spring Break

Spring Break is 2 weeks away. Please create a small packet of work to send home with the students to complete during this break. If you choose to do paper/pencil work, provide no more than 2 sheets (single sided) of work a day. Think outside of the box! You don't have to use your paper to make a packet. Assign a project, assign i-Ready lessons or give them a reading log with the expectation of how many books they need to read over the break etc. Start gathering assignments now to send home. I am sure the copiers will be busy as the break approaches.


This newsletter serves in lieu of a Monday team meeting during your instructional planning time. Please sign your name on the list outside of my office door stating you have read the information provided in this week's newsletter by COB Tuesday.

Please refer to the weekly bulletin from Ms. Bullen for events and happenings this week.

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