Eight Keys

Suzanne LaFluer

Reviewed by Kayla 5th Grade

This book, Eight Keys was about a middle schooler named Elise. She has a very mean locker partner named Amanda, Amanda gets even worse. She makes fun of Elise for being friends with Franklin, each day she smashes Elise’s lunch and Elise hates it. Elise finds a key..... with HER name on it. The key unlocks a door at the top of the barn. Each room along with each key unlocks a secret. Each room tells about either her, or her mom and dad . Read to find out what is in each room, what happens to Elise, and how she survives her locker partner!

I really liked this book because each time she finds a key it full of excitement and it’s like someone is leaving them for her. When she unlocks a door with the keys and you find out what is inside it tell’s more about Elise and her past, and parents.

I would definitely recommend this book to any 5th grader who likes a mystery! If you like books packed with excitement, funny times, cliffhangers, and lots of mystery’s to solve.

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Another Core Project - Eight Keys Book trailer