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Aliza I.

My Quote

I picked this quote because you learn so much when you read just 1 book. It makes me feel like I can learn so much in no time at all. A book increases my knowledge about different things. A book makes me happy and makes me feel I can control anything I want to.

About Me

My name is Aliza I. I love to read books when ever I have free time.1. I love to read fiction books. 2. I read books because you can't get the same joy from TV that you can't in a good book.3.When I read an ending of a book no one can talk to me.4.When I was little I used to read the series The Berenstain Bears 5. I always read with my sister when I was little sometimes I would read to her and sometimes she would read to me. 6.When I read I like to find a really comfy and quite place. My favorite book I just read was The Westing Game it was suspenseful and really good read. 7. When I read a good book I can imagine everything that happens.A good writer can make you feel any emotion. 8. Reading is something that I would do the whole day. 9. In third Grade I finished the Nancy Drew series. 10. I get a lot of my recommendations from my friends and family.Overall Reading is an amazing thing. This is something I love to do!
Best Day of My Life - American Authors (Lyrics)

My song

I choose the song the best day of my life. It is by American Authors. I chose this song because when ever I read a book it feels like the best day of my life.

Blog Entry

I just finished reading the book Steelheart. I thought this book was AMAZING! If I had to rate it I would give it a 10 out of 10. Steelheart is a book about epics. Epics are not ordinary people they have powers that they don't use for good.This is a story about a guy who is trying to get revenge at Steelheart because Steelheart KILLED his father.

Favorite Author

One of my favorite authors is Judy Blume. Her books are humorous and really fun to read. Once you pick up her books it hard to stop reading. If you like funny books she is the perfect author for you.
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Book Recommendations

I picked this website because it has good reads that everyone likes.It also shows the books that just came out. If you like books try this website.