A Warrior's Story

I am a Seal Team Six Warrior

The Decision

A poster of a Search and Rescue Swimmer in a wetsuit hung outside the navy recruiter's office. That's as far as his dreaming went. He was only twenty years old. With a dream of only enlisting to make money for his college education, little did Wasdin know that he would be embarking on a life changing career.
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Hell Week: How Much Can One Take?

How much can on person take physically, emotionally, or mentally? At what point does one reach their finally breaking point? I believe that Wasdin asked himself this question more times than he ever imagined.

"Deprived of support in our environment and the support of our own bodies, the only thing propping us up was our belief in accomplishing the mission... complete Hell Week."

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The Fear in Battle

" My fear meter peaked at 8. It never reached 10. When you hit 10, you cant function anymore. You succumb to the mercy of events going on around you. I wasn't dead yet."