Room 8 News

Mrs. Fitzgerald, 3rd Grade

December 11, 2015

Hello Parents and Students,

This week in reading we focused on identifying cause and effect, as well as making predictions while reading. We continued reading James and the Giant Peach and discussed the characters' traits. In grammar we continued reviewing verb tense (past, present, and future).

In math we learned how to make change from $10.00 and how to find a missing addend with a sum of 1,000. We learned how to name shapes, angles, and diagonals, as well as how to identify parallel and perpendicular line segments.

In STEM we formed groups and built water filters based on our experiments and plans. Next week we will test the water filters and improve on the designs.

In social studies we learned about the Spanish settlers in Florida, including Ponce de Leon and Menendez. We discussed how and why the Spanish forced the French out of St. Augustine, FL.

We also continued some fun solar projects. The students worked in groups two to research a solar project and created a Keynote presentation (they did this all on their own!). Next week we will present to the class and discuss how the solar projects help people in developing countries. We will also be FaceTiming with someone from WeCareSolar, which helps bring solar power to schools in Africa.

Mrs. Fitzgerald

Holiday Spirit

Next week we will be having two special holiday spirit days:
  • Monday: Holiday Hat Day (regular uniform is still required)
  • Friday: Red & Green Day (wear as much red and green as you'd like!)

Early Dismissal

School will end next Friday at 11:30 a.m. (no lunch). We will bring the children out to the front of the school, so you don't have to worry about finding parking. Also, there will be no daycare on that day so everyone should plan on picking up no later than 11:30 a.m.

We will not be having academics on this day, so no make-up worked will be provided if you decide to stay home!

Teacher In-Service Day

Just a reminder that Monday, January 4, is a teacher in-service day. There will be no school/daycare on that day.

Next Week's Spelling

There will be NO spelling next week!

Coming Up On Math Assessment 13...

· Finding the difference in a story problem

· Adding large numbers

· Finding change from $10.00

· Identifying the dimensions of a rectangle (length and width)

· Finding the area of a rectangle

· Naming line segments (parallel and perpendicular)

· Measuring using sixteenths of an inch

· Finding elapsed time

· Drawing arrays

· Finding missing addends with a sum of 100

Calendar Reminders...

Please refer to for all important calendar dates (tests, projects, reports, school events, school closure dates, etc.).