Middle Earth...In North America?

Why could North Amercia be Middle Earth?


North America is a very large area of land with several different landforms including high mountains, wide plains, and many caverns and caves. Lakes, rivers, and coastal plains are also in great abundance. Our culture is also relevant. We wear similar styles and bright colors as well. We like to eat many of the herbs and meat the creatures of Middle Earth eat.

Why Is North America Like Middle Earth?

First of all, the book describes vast mountains ranges, which North America has a lot of. Besides the mountains, the Shire is described as a plain with an occasional hill. In the U.S, you can find the Great Plains and easily connect them to the Shire! Canada also features many forests like the ones mentioned in the story. Some caves can be found in North America, and they have the same pools of water and structures as Gollum's cave. Some creatures such as wolves and eagles are found here as well as the book!

Conclusion and Summary

The director of the "Lord of the Rings" franchise may have chosen New Zealand, but I still believe that North America would have represented Middle Earth better. Granted, New Zealand is a beautiful country with a lot of relations towards the setting of "The Hobbit", but North America has a more vast selection of land forms and physical features. Here, you have more places and areas to choose from. If you didn't like one mountain range, you could easily got to the next one. This is why I believe that North America would be the best Middle Earth.