Amazing April Updates!

Charming Belles Team Info

Richmond Summer Rally-Monday, April 11th

Richmond ladies, you do not want to miss our summer rally on Monday evening! We're going to have round table training on great topics to support you in your business starting at 7pm and you'll get to see the full summer line! We will also have a Meet Stella & Dot Event with Jenny Foley and Kelly Cox from 6:30-7:00 so this is the perfect opportunity to invite your potential stylists. I never want to miss an opportunity to be with other stylists; it's always such a fun and positive time, and I always learn so much from talking to these other women. Let's get as many Charming Belles together for the rally as possible!

You can register for the Richmond Rally here:

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Bring a Friend to the Rally!

Do you want to sponsor this month? Definitely bring a friend, or two, or more to the Meet Stella & Dot portion from 6:30-7pm (plan to arrive early because parking is tricky).

Who do I invite?

  • Past hostesses
  • Upcoming hostesses
  • Anyone on your Who Do You Know list who would make a great stylist
  • Anyone you know who needs some extra income

Here are some words to say:

Warm Her Up:

Send a text with a picture of the new summer line and say something like this:

"I just ordered my summer samples and everything is so cute! I can't wait to get this new wrap bracelet! It would look so good on you too, I know you love blue!"

After you hear back from her you can follow up with a casual invite:

"You know, we're having a summer rally with all of the local stylists at the new Quirk Hotel. I've been dying to check it out! We'll have the full summer line there. I'd love for you to come with me so you can see it all in person and hear a little bit about what it's like to be a stylist."

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Our sponsoring special is amazing!

If you want to grow your team, the stylist deal is even better this month, so make sure you're talking about it all the time! The easiest place to sponsor is at trunk shows, so be sure to have some on your calendar for April. If you don't no problem, focus on booking now!

Be sure to listen to Danielle Redner's coaching call on refreshing your sponsoring. It rocks! Make sure you're logged into Stellaverse and then follow this link:

The Charming Belles are Legit and we definitely do not quit! When you sponsor a stylist this month, both of you will be entered into a drawing to win these fun t-shirts! I'm a little in love with them :)

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April is Autism Awareness Month!

Our Harmony Bracelet was a HUGE hit and it has already sold out! No worries, though, we now have three new styles for our Autism Awareness boutique:

  • Pave Wishing Bracelet – Gold
  • Wishing Bracelet – Elephant
  • Wishing Bracelet – Horseshoe

These are a perfect tool for booking! Think of who would love to partner with you to raise money to support autism awareness. Here are some words to say to offer a show:

"Hey Jess, I am so excited because Stella & Dot is working with the HollyRod Foundation to raise money to support Autism Awareness this month through the sale of several bracelets in our Autism Awareness Boutique. I would love for my April hostesses to be women who want to partner with me to raise money for this important cause, and you immediately came to mind. It would be so fun to get your girls together for a style session this month so they can get some great new accessories for summer and we can raise money for this awesome cause at the same time! I have the 14th and 17th open. What do you think?"

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I hope you have a great week, and happy sampling day!