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March 1, 2023

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Newsletter Takeaways

  • District and School Report Cards
  • School Security
  • Weather Reminder
  • MCAS Schedule

2022 DESE Report Cards

Dear Families:

Every year, each public school and school district in Massachusetts receives a report card. Just as your child’s report card shows how they are doing in different subjects, the school’s report card is designed to show families how our school is doing in different areas.

The report card includes multiple measures of a school’s performance and represents a new way of looking at school performance. Report cards are designed to be useful tools for everyone connected to our school. Families can use the information to have meaningful conversations with us about what the school is doing well and where there is room for improvement. Community and education leaders can use the information to better understand how to support students and our school.

Links to our district and individual school report cards are provided below. In addition to English, reports are available in 9 other languages.

Robinson Elementary Families: Your child attends a school that receives federal Title I funds. As such, you have the right to request the following information about the qualifications of your child's classroom teachers:

  • whether your child's teacher is licensed in the grade levels and subject areas they teach,
  • whether your child's teachers is teaching under an emergency license or waiver,
  • the college degree and major of your child's teacher, and
  • whether your child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.

We encourage you to become involved in helping us improve our school. We see parents as critical partners in the success of our students and school, and we are grateful for your continued support. If you have questions about our school’s report card, would like to become involved in school improvement activities, or would like to request information about the qualifications of your child’s classroom teacher, please contact your principal.


Teresa Murphy


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Security Update

In recent weeks, “swatting” hoax calls were made to communities in Massachusetts regarding various active school shooter scenarios. The calls were mainly directed to police departments. The Mansfield Police Department and Mansfield Public Schools have not received a hoax call and under the direction of our SROs, Detectives Ken Wright and Derek McCune, all school administrators and staff review our safety protocols on responding to an emergency situation on a regular basis. We continue to work closely with law enforcement to monitor the situation. Along these lines, I meet regularly with both the Chief of Police, Fire Chief, and other officials to review school safety, our protocols, responses, and training needs.

In other security news, Mansfield has been awarded a 2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Grant from the Healy-Driscoll Administration. The grant will help our staff become more cyber aware through training, evaluation, and simulation.

Weather Reminder

While we have been fortunate with mild temperatures and a quiet weather pattern, March can bring unpredictable weather conditions. The November 28, 2022 Newsletter contains important information on inclement weather school closings and delays.

MCAS Testing Schedule

Below is the district-wide MCAS testing schedule. MHS, QMS, and Jordan/Jackson will provide families with more information, including school-specific schedules, via newsletters and their website. If you have any questions, please contact your student's school.

(ELA: English Language Arts; STE: Science, Technology & Engineering)

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