Support Hydropower!

Learn how hydropower creates electricity.

Hydropower helps reduce the usage of fossil fuels

Fossil fuel will be used up one day ,so we need an alternative form of energy. Hydropower can help power houses, business, and more than just that. We can power batteries with electricity created by hydropower plants. Fossil fuels are running out quickly and polluts the air.

Join us every Friday at 6am.

By joining us to help he the water to be processed through the hydropower plant. By doing that, you are helping workers not use their time cleaning the water which takes a long time. So join us this Friday to help clean the water.

Reasons why we should have Hydropower

It's considered one of the cleanest and cheapest energy sources. Itprovides U.S. with about 2.6 percent of our total energy. About 5-10 percent of total U.S. electricity is generated by hydropower plants.